Xiamen Polynice Comfort Technology The Organic Superfood Exporter

Xiamen Polynice Comfort Technology Co., Ltd is a reputable company that specializes in exporting premium superfood products.

Our expertise lies in effectively managing the supply chain and trade to offer exceptional service to our customers. We have a dedicated team that carefully selects high-quality farm、plantation、manufacture, centralized procurement to getting the best price to our customers. We provide strong competitive product and contribute to the efficiency of our customers supply chains. Currently, we have established strong partnerships with prominent wholesalers in Europe and America. Our focus is on sourcing suitable supply materials from China, which include organic matcha, organic spirulina powder (tablets), organic chlorella powder (tablets), spirulina chlorella mixed tablets, organic barley grass powder, organic wheatgrass powder, bovine collagen, mushroom extract, and more.

We source the best supply resources in China, provide the most competitive prices, and quickly respond to customer needs.

Trust first, then cooperate

Xiamen Polynice Comfort Technology Co., Ltd is a reputable company that specializes in exporting premium superfood products: Organic matcha, Organic Spirulina, Chlorella,Wheat grass powder, Collagen,Mushroom extract,Proteins.  


1. Our team is highly skilled in supplier development, evaluation, negotiation, and establishing cooperation channels.

2. With our professional foreign trade sales and service team, we can quickly respond to and fulfill every customers demand, saving them valuable time in sourcing..

3. Through a strategic partnership with Chinas largest organic matcha planting and production base, we are able to deliver high-quality and reliable matcha of various grades to our customers.

4. We have formed a strategic alliance with Chinas leading algae garden aquaculture base, responsible for over 55% of the countrys total algae production. This exclusive regional cooperation agreement ensures the lowest price for our customers.

5. As one of the few suppliers of organic barley grass/wheat grass powder in China, we offer a unique product in the market.

6. We have carefully selected and partnered with the most competitive bovine collagen factories and mushroom extract manufacturers in China to ensure price competitiveness for our customers.

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